Medical Genetics - Neurology Department
116 N. Robertson Bl #400,
Los Angeles, CA 90048 United States
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Clinic Directors/Primary NF Doctors: John M. Graham, MD, Medical Genetics; Jethro L. Hu, MD, Neurology; Robert M. Bernstein, MD, Orthopedics; Fataneh Majlessipour, MD, Peds/Hematology/Oncology; Pedro Sanchez, MD, Director of Medical Genetics, (310) 423-7779 for appointments and (310) 614-3071
Phone Number for appointments or inquiries: 310-423-9914, option 3 for new patients
Types of NF Patients Seen: NF1, NF2
Ages of NF Patients Seen: Pediatric, Adult
NF Clinic Network Site? No
NF Consortium Site? No
Additional Clinic Details:

Multi-Disciplinary Facility